CNC Lens Generator


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  • Compact, Small Foot Print
  • Easy operation with bar code scanner for data transfer
  • Can be connected to our LENS CALCULATOR SOFTWARE and other software
  • Low Cost of Maintainance, easy availability of spares
  • Simple “ON SCREEN” Calibration
  • Wet Cut for long Cutter Life, only ONE PCD Cutter
  • ON LINE Remote Support via Internet
  • Can Operate Multiple CNC Machines with one Calculation Software
  • Overall Size: 90X 60X 95 (heights) cms.
  • Weight: 700kgs
  • Electrical: 220v, 50Hz, 3.0 kw
    Capacity: Approximately 360 lenses* per shift(*depends on curves cut)
    Range: upto 20.00 curve, 10 cyl, 8 prism


The lens manufacturing industry has come a long way in the past several decades. Automation has become much more sophisticated and the machines used in the lens manufacturing process have also undergone remarkable upgradation. However, the most important upgrade arrived with the onset of digitalization and one such amazing example of digitized lens manufacturing technology is CNC Lens Generator. The computer numerical controlled lens generators are leading the lens revolution, which is sweeping the lens market all over the world. CNC Lens generator is the go-to lens production technology for manufacturers operating in this sector and many have adopted it for smarter and superior products and so that they are able to cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of customers.

The CNC Lens Generator has helped to enhance the capability of the manufacturers with its precision, speed and cost-effectiveness. The advanced mechanical and software technology of the equipment is being used by multiple lens production units and it is gaining a wider customer base with each passing day. So, what is it about the CNC Lens Generator that has made them such sought-after lens production equipment? Well, apart from the accuracy, speed and reasonable price, the equipment is highly dependable and easy to operate. Armed with a touch screen control system and a simple step-by-step operational setup, the machine makes it a cakewalk to produce lenses of any and every kind.

The CNC Lens Generator has a microcomputer that works as the controller unit of the machine. It is loaded with easily understandable programming software wherein the operator just needs to feed the commands and the machine executes it without any error. Therefore, whether it is about manufacturing lenses for the camera or for spectacles, you can be sure of the CNC Lens Generator producing accurate and high-quality lenses. It does not matter what type of lens material the machine is fed, it can accommodate glass, CR39, polycarbonate, plastic photochromic and all others too. The CNC Lens Generator wraps up the various steps that go into the making of lenses in an exact and efficient manner, which helps to generate lenses at a quick pace. The customizable programming also lets you manufacture lenses with different specifications and the technique is quite simple.

Everything happens with simple swipes and touches. What is more, the CNC Lens Generator are portable and compact which means that they take a limited amount of space in the lab and do the job producing very negligible sound. The whisper-quiet operation is definitely a delight as it is not just convenient but also desirable. It is something machine operators always look forward to finding in a machine and here, they get it at a very reasonable price. Lightweight yet durable, the CNC Lens Generator have it in themselves to last for years and give quality service so as the manufacturer you will surely get a complete value for money.

CNC Lens Generator is truly loaded with many merits and thus, makes a strong case to be adopted by lens manufacturers. If you have made it a part of your lab, you are very much on the way to success and if you have not yet decided if you should bring it to your unit or not, then you should not think twice. It is a must-have for any lens manufacturer who wants to be at the forefront of the expanding lens manufacturing market. The CNC Lens Generator is the key to satisfying the customers who are very particular and aware about lens quality. So, just get the key and unlock the door to the customer’s heart. Click here to check Dip Hard Coating Machines.

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